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Three different routes to reach the top of Pic de Casamanya without ever looking back. A constant, unrelenting climb up to the more than 2,700-meter elevation of the massif that stands in the north of the Andorran principality, constantly testing the endurance of the runners’ quads.

The start of the Casamanya Extrem, one of the highest vertical races in Europe, is located 1,400 meters lower, in the small village of Ordino, which on the second Saturday of June becomes a prominent meeting place for those who love elevation gain.

Now in its eighth edition in 2023, the Casamanya Extrem has over the years been included in the circuit of the Andorran mountain running cup and the Catalan vertical racing cup, attracting a growing number of young runners and ski mountaineers looking for a challenging test at the end of the skimo season.

The Andorran mountain route is designed for those seeking adventure in the region’s thick forests, and for those who want to admire the beauty of the landscape from the top of Casamanya, with a view of the Pic de Serrera and Comapedrosa. But also for those who want to feel the joy of hard effort, which plays a key role in any experience where elevation gain predominates. Effort that’s repaid by the boundless expanses of rock and dry meadows typical of the area.



5 km
1.440 m. D+

Maximum time: 3 hours
Start in the main square of Ordino and finish at the top of Casamanya

The original route of the event, designed for vertical specialists, with the start when the bell of the church in Ordino strikes 9. The linear but very technical route leads the participants to challenge each other on little-known and unspoiled trails until they reach the northern slope of Casamanya (2,757 m).


3,5 km
760 D+

Maximum time: 2 hours
Start at Coll d’Ordino and finish at the top of Casamanya

The classic route, aimed at U16 and U18 athletes who are just entering the world of racing, follows the traditional hiking trail that leads from Coll d’Ordino to the top of Casamanya.

2,4 km
400 D+

4Maximum time: 40 minutes
Start at Coll d’Ordino and finish at the foot of the Casamanya peak

The shortest route, suitable for all ages, is designed for those who want to train on less demanding gradients or tackle a fast hike.


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