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Sharing. This is the operative word for the second edition of the “Climb & Clean” project, which aims to raise young people’s awareness of the need to protect and respect the environment.

Conceived by mountaineers Matteo Della Bordella and Massimo Faletti, Climb & Clean is back in spring 2022 in an expanded edition that involves an increasing number of local organizations, but especially of new generations. The participation of children, who together with Matteo and Massimo will explore the natural world and see what’s out of place in this environment, is fundamental. A polite and respectful gaze that, as they grow up, will become automatic.

The content isn’t changing, but the message we want to spread is taking on even more substance: when you’re pursuing your passion for the great outdoors, remember to leave the places you’ve been better than how you found them. Don’t litter, and pick up and pack out any trash that you find. It’s a small gesture, but the sum of many small actions leads to certain change.

Only together do changes become cultural movements, so after the first edition, Climb & Clean is opening up to anyone who wants to participate. Because it’s not just a project for Matteo and Massimo. Climb & Clean is a project for everyone, which is why volunteers, organizations, and associations that are already working in environmental restoration are welcome to join in.

Climb & Clean is sharing. It’s like roping up on a difficult route and coming out at the top tired but satisfied, knowing that everyone has made their small but important contribution to a great cause.

Massimo Faletti - Founder of the Climb & Clean project

The volunteers who will live this experience with Matteo and Massimo will wear the official Climb & Clean t-shirt. A garment that identifies those who share a lifestyle and intend to inspire communities.

Available in a limited edition, it's made with 100% organic cotton. A material that’s environmentally friendly - because its production and processing use no pesticides or synthetic substances. The production process is guaranteed by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).


Official t-shirt

As climbers and mountaineers, Matteo and Massimo have chosen to bring their message to climbing crags, places that are frequented every day by a multitude of enthusiasts and therefore need to be protected and preserved.

As in the 2021 edition, this year the project is again embracing the whole of Italy, from Lombardy to Campania, by way of Abruzzo. This choice aims to highlight how the problem of leaving trash next to roads, along paths, or in the natural environment is not limited to certain areas but is present throughout the entire country.

Three locations have been chosen for this second edition: Valganna, in Lombardy; Pietrasecca, in Abruzzo; and Trentinara, in Campania. Here, with the support of local institutions, associations, and enthusiasts, Climb & Clean will try to disseminate its message, involving as many people as possible.

Trash is a problem that affects the mountains everywhere, not just in Italy. It concerns each of us, and everyone can do their part to help solve it, both by demonstrating proper behavior and by spending some of their free time restoring beauty to affected places.

Matteo Della Bordella - Founder of the Climb & Clean project


Climb & Clean 2022 started in Valganna. A special place for the Lecco's spider, who had his first experiences on the wall in this place and wanted to give back to the climbers who will come a clean and beautiful crag to climb.

With the help of fifty volunteers, over 1,500 kg. of waste have been collected between cans, bottles, litter and tires. Most of the garbage was found on the roadside, testifying to how the practice of throwing garbage out of the car window is still widespread.


Climb & Clean has moved to Pietrasecca.

In Abruzzo the two climbers, with the help of 80 volunteers from the local areas, collected over 1800 kg. of all kinds of garbage, including refrigerators, televisions and beds. The garbage was near the wall, dated back to a few decades ago and caused significant damages to the environment, the landscape and indigenous living beings.


The climbing and cleaning project on the Italian cliffs ended in the wonderful Trentinara. 2200 kg. of waste was collected in Campania, wood stoves, irons and sheet metal plates included.

Climb & Clean doesn’t end there. Matteo and Massimo have opened a pitch, called “The rubbish brothers” and graded 7b, to send a concrete, perennial message: when you live your outdoor passion, remember to leave the places explored at least as you found them!


The impact of Climb & Clean on the areas next to the cliffs is evidenced by the statistics on the quantity and type of waste collected:

✔️5500 kg. of total garbage

✔️32 tires - about 400 kg .

✔️700 kg. of glass

✔️500 kg. of plastic

 ✔️3.000 kg. of metal

✔️900 kg. of undifferentiated.

Important numbers, as well as the participation of the over 120 volunteers involved in the project. Some of them have chosen to travel hundreds of km. to give their contribution.

"People from outside come to clean something in a place that is not theirs"


The meaning of Climb & Clean is summed up in these words. The solution to a common problem, such as the abandonment of waste, comes from a common respect for others and for the territory that we all live in.

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