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"Nothing is stronger than brotherhood" - TRISTAN & LOUNA LADEVANT


The first wears a distinctive handlebar mustache, the second a sly smile. They aren’t twins, and some people still have a hard time remembering their names because they’re known to everyone as “the Ladevant brothers.”

Tristan is 24 years old, Louna 21. Originally from the valley of Barcelonnette (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence), they’ve lived since childhood in harmony with the elements, thanks in part to their mother, who introduced the two boys to an outdoor lifestyle. School was at home, in the woods, on the slopes of the mountains where the génépi grows and where the chamois proudly graze. Sports started early, too. First skiing and basketball, then climbing. The vertical dimension is something they discovered almost by chance, after their move to Grenoble. A game, made up of elusive holds, which came so easily to them that in a short time the two found themselves climbing dramatically higher grades. The next step took them to the world of ice climbing, where they’ve reached the highest international levels. For them, the mountains are competition, when they attach a number, but they’re also adventure — one that begins by simply going out the front door. Biking, mountaineering, climbing, and paragliding are just some of the many activities that the two brothers engage in today. The only rule they’ve imposed on themselves? Always give your best, while having fun! Enjoy the mountains and the natural environment. Exert yourself and push yourself to the extreme in the continuous search for improvement, remembering how lucky you are to be able to live your life at full throttle, with fresh air on your face and the sun warming your skin.



You aren’t twins, but you’re inseparable ...
We can say that we became twins the day the second was born. (Laugh)
Answering seriously: we’re brothers, best friends, and climbing and training partners. We’re bad housemates, but we’re 100% on the same page when there’s some stupid thing to do.

Your approach to the mountains is always accompanied by a deep respect for the environment. How did you develop this awareness?
Our mother instilled these important values ​​in us when we were children. She taught us to live in the heart of nature, in the mountains. That’s how we learned to love and respect them, to try to take care of them despite the impact of our activities.

Mountaineering, biking, rock and ice climbing, paragliding … you do many sports, but what’s your favorite?
All of them! Climbing and ice climbing competitions currently take up most of our time, but we’re making the most of our free days to have fun and improve in other activities. Our goal for the near future is to continually push our limits in this multidisciplinary approach.

What’s your favorite jacket?
The K-Performance Hybrid Jacket. It’s always ready for battle, in any situation!


2022              Louna becomes ice climbing world champion (lead)
2022              Tristan places third at the ice climbing world championships (lead)
                    Louna climbs 9a
                     Tristan climbs 8a

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