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"No coffee, no expedition" - S. GREGORETTI


What drives a man to test his limits? Curiosity, primarily. At least that’s the answer that ultrarunner Stefano Gregoretti gives. An agronomist by profession, an athlete by vocation, an explorer by nature. Stefano is curious. He wants to test himself, to travel and discover new places in the world, pushing himself beyond his own limits.
Stefano Gregoretti was born in Rimini in 1974. He was a delicate child, with a back tending to scoliosis and feet forced into hideous orthopedic shoes. A distinctly different image from the one we’re used to seeing today, as he engages in challenges at the limits of human endurance.
Sports came into Stefano’s life early. From an early age he practiced swimming and alpine skiing. In 2005 he discovered the world of triathlon, and it was love at first sight. This physically demanding discipline offered him the right combination of desire for training, competition, and adventure. The same desire that would lead him to imagine crossing continents, deserts, and mountains. “I give vent to my thirst for life.” From wild and cold Baffin Island, to harsh and extreme Siberia in winter, experienced to the rhythm of the pedals, by way of hot and unlivable Death Valley. Not to mention experiences such as running through Italy, from Pompeii to Torbole, crossing the inland areas of the country. And also Patagonia and Kamchatka.



Stefano, how many sports do you practice?
Running, biking, swimming, and exploration. Exploration defined as an activity that leads you to think and choose the best way to experience an environment.
What’s the greatest distance you’ve run in a single day?
About 120 kilometers, during the Trans Namibia project. On that occasion, Ray Zahab, my expedition partner, and I ran for 28 days, covering an average of 65 kilometers per day.
What’s your typical breakfast before physically and mentally intense experiences?
Just coffee. I always start on an empty stomach, but with a full tank. The evening before the start, I have a second dinner, usually featuring salmon and rice.
In your challenges, you’ve gone beyond the limit several times. What does this concept mean to you?
I never actively seek the limit. All my projects arise primarily from curiosity — the desire to get to know a place and its surroundings and people. Then, it may happen that in order to experience that area you have to commit yourself by raising the bar of your abilities by challenging your limits.
Your favorite Karpos garment?
The Lyskamm Evo Jacket is definitely one of my favorites. It’s very light and adapts to different situations. I can use it in winter when skiing, in very low temperatures, but I can also take it with me on an expedition in milder conditions, as a thermal layer.


2015   Patagonia Coast to Coast
2016     Arctic 2 Atacama
2017     Arctic Extreme
2018     Trans Namibia
2019     Transkamchatka


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