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In October 2023, MVC Group obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications from the TUV accredited body following the adoption of an integrated management system for quality and the environment. MVC group and Karpos are now certified as environmentally responsible suppliers.

The system adopted by MVC group and Karpos includes a series of actions aimed at:

-optimize production, administrative and business processes;
- adopt a strategic approach aimed at improving performance and integrating company processes;
-adopt a more scientific decision-making process and protect the environment;

Obtaining ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications is about optimizing company processes”, explains the CEO of the MVC group Alessio Cremonese, “the adoption of an integrated management system is an incentive to continually look at ourselves with humility and create change starting from the small structures. We cannot expect to achieve the best possible result in the short term, but we can commit to continuously doing better. It is with this approach that we try to make our development sustainable, and this is how we intend to constantly improve our company management."

We are mountain people, and for this reason we care particularly about respect for nature. The adoption of the environmental management practices required by the ISO 14001 certification will allow us to make our processes more efficient in protecting the environment, preventing pollution and reducing the consumption of energy and resources.

This is why, in addition to using raw materials of sustainable origin (i.e. recycled, certified or respectful of the environment and the consumer), we are committed to developing increasingly durable and less impactful garments, transferring this commitment to the entire supply chain.


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