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Plastic bags saved on our shipments



Recycled polyethylene bags (pre-consumer) used for delivering our orders in the European market


Introduction of 100% polyethylene recycled bags (post-consumer) for delivering our orders in the Asian market

Packaging is, together with the garments we produce, the indelible footprint of our business. Its impact on the environment can be irreversible. Aware of this, we have redesigned the packaging in which our products are shipped.

Thanks to our partnership with certified suppliers, beginning in the second half of 2021 we have adopted a 100% recycled polyethylene bag, which is currently used to bag and ship 100% of our garments ordered in the european market. By the first semester 2024, we will introduce this packaging system in 100% of the asian market. 

Furthermore, we have redesigned and redeveloped the graphics of our packaging, just displaying the essential information and using only one print color, with consequent savings in ink used and less damage in case of dispersion in the environment. 


Plastic continues to be one of the most polluting materials, and one of the objectives of Karpos and MVC Group is to reduce the use of this material as much as possible, until it is totally eliminated. We have therefore funded studies on the use of alternative materials for packaging and measured their performance based on the method of transport and type of packaging. The results show us that at this point it is not possible to use alternative materials, such as paper or synthetic materials, without damaging the products inside and the risk of incurring new production processes for their repair.

The search for alternative materials to plastic for packaging is an issue that affects the entire fashion and clothing sector. We at Karpos are in favor of sharing relevant information and discoveries, knowing that their impact could extend well beyond the confines of our industry.
In the meantime, we try not to use plastic bags wherever possible, e.g. in the case of large quantities involving not customised garments, such as at trade fairs and events, preferring cardboard boxes. In this way, we have saved more than 19455 recycled polyethylene bags since 2022.
Consumers also play an important role in this process. Together we can achieve significant results in a short time by reusing the bags and disposing of them correctly.


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