Run! Run, kid!

Running is the most natural thing, which everyone feels. It comes from within; it’s something you can’t stop or contain. As a child you have to run — you have to discover new feelings, new places. The first wind in your face is a caress that intoxicates you, and then ... then you are captivated forever! This is the impression that Franco Collè conveys. A kid who loves to feel the wind in his face and who runs because it brings him joy.

We at Karpos like to run for many reasons: to spend time with people who share our same passion, to empty our heads of the day’s many thoughts, to be alone with ourselves for a while.

Whatever impulse drives you, it is the same as what drives us to make the best trail-running clothing possible. Franco is an integral part of this project. An athlete, a tester who will help us develop our collection, an engineer who will sort out many small details, but above all a kid with the wind in his face like us.



Calculating like any engineer, brash like a real cowboy. Franco Collé is both. How he manages to make these two aspects of his character coexist we don’t know, but this is undoubtedly his strong point, what sets him apart, what makes him unique.

Growing up with the legend of Zinedine Zidane, he spent Sundays galloping on the wing like Pavel Nedvěd. Then, when his love for the mountains got the better of him, he stopped chasing a ball and started chasing his dreams. First ski mountaineering, then trail running ... the latter almost by accident. And it was virtually inevitable, since the Tor des Géants, the hardest ultra, passed practically in front of his door. His sister had the brilliant idea of ​​throwing him into the fray ... and voilà, the rest is history.

Since then he has run endless kilometers up and down the Alps and beyond, participating in five Tor des Géants and winning two. Among his highest-profile results, his victories in The Rut (2015), Ibiza Trail Marathon (2015), VUT (2017 and 2019), AUT (2019) and Sellaronda Trail 2019 stand out. In 2015 he participated in the Ultra World Series circuit, finishing in third place and confirming his status as the best Italian ultra trail runner on difficult, Alpine-style trails.