The partnership between Karpos and the Rookie Team is the meeting of our young brand with these young trail runners. There is much more than that: the will to give a chance to talented athletes to show their potential, support for healthy unconsciousness that allows one to exceed ones limits and the appreciation for contagious enthusiasm that the kids express with their smiles.

The partnership with this group of trail runners is therefore a natural consequence of the Karpos philosophy and at the same time a way to reaffirm it.




Personal and athletic growth, fun and desire to improve. This is what the 15 boys and girls of the 2021 Rookie Team have in common: Angelica Bernardi, Alessandro Crippa, Gabriele Gaggero, Valentina Giorgi, Christian Lucchini, Luca Merli, Alessandro Riva, Lorenzo Rota Martin, Marco Salvadori, Mirko Sanelli, Carlotta Uber, Gaia Bertolini, Irma Chiavazza, Manuel Zani, Francesca Gianola. The young team that will take part in international events in the trail, vertical and trail running races is captained by Franco Collè, multi time winner of the Tor des Géants and Karpos ambassador. With his advice and experience, Franco will know how to coach his athletes towards their objectives.



“Our goal is to let them mature as athletes but also as individuals by teaching them healthy values. Thanks to the Rookie Team they will be able to live a unique experience and share their passion for trail running with a bunch of their friends. We want to offer them technical support and mainly a patrimony of experiences.

Franco Collè - Promotor of the Rookie Team project



These are the races that the Rookie Team will enter in 2021:


✓ 4th July 2021 - Young Race - Marathon du Mont Blanc

✓ 18th July 2021 - Monterosa Est Himalayan Trail

✓ 25th August 2021 - Youth Chamonix Courmayeur

✓ 18th September 2021 - TOR30 - Tor des Geants

✓ 25th September 2021 - Delicious Trail - Dolomiti