Running. Up and down the most beautiful mountains in the world. Running, sharing the effort. Running, to test yourself but also to immerse yourself in a environment of unmatched grandeur, like that of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the Transcivetta, a pairs race, held every third Sunday of July, that has been a top event in the running world since the early seventies. A few years ago the Transcivetta joined forces with Karpos, launching a partnership that has been and continues to be a shared journey reflecting a passion for sports, the mountains, adventure and intense emotions at high altitude. A race that is synonymous with growth. In recent years the Transcivetta Karpos has always reached the registration limit, attracting a thousand pairs to run on the scree and the trails at the foot of the most majestic wall in the Dolomites, the Civetta. Sold out at one thousand. A perfect number, one thousand. A number the organizers decided not to exceed, in order to ensure the best for every participant, from all points of view: from the technical point of view, with a high-performance and aesthetically pleasing garment, and from the logistical and organizational point of view, with a guarantee of outstanding service before, during and after the race. The search for the best for an event that combines love for the mountains with competition, and that, while capitalizing on a strong tradition, aims to move forward to discover a horizon — that of the Dolomite peaks — that holds surprises and new appeal every day.


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