Today we gained altitude. The wall rises from green meadows protected by palm trees. It’s not a large structure but it’s very inviting – limestone generously filled with clean cracks, almost solid, ideal for the use of friends and nuts.

A boy opens the small gate that allows us onto the farmland from which we will access the rock. Our first stop is among the palms blowing in the wind, standing on thousand-year-old irrigation canals, the pride of their civilization.

The pitches follow one another on terrain never touched by human hands, and the summit comes too soon. Too bad. It’s late and the light grows warmer. The haze also dissolves, and the peaks of the mountains around become distinct. We rappel down into the now dark valley. The final moment of excitement is provided by a man holding a gun at the base of the wall ... Does he want to try target shooting with an original target? No, he’s just looking for the fox that frightened his chickens ... Everything’s fine this time too.