One of our strengths is our continual effort to create new solutions and develop new tools to achieve our goals and the goals of those who share our passions. It’s a challenge that motivates us to create more and more innovative products. We spend a lot of time in the mountains, and we also use our products. We felt that something was missing from our collection. We still lacked an extremely versatile product. A product that could provide excellent protection from snow, wet, and cold, but at the same time offer good breathability when the body is generating heat during high-intensity mountaineering activities. There’s little point in using a classic shell that keeps the rain out if your body is unable to eliminate the moisture it produces so you end up wet anyway.


We also needed something else: a single product that could be used for many activities, from ski mountaineering in cold climates to freeriding, but also for climbing frozen waterfalls or ice chutes in the high mountains.


A serious challenge! We needed a fabric that was protective and breathable but also offered excellent resistance to friction and abrasion. The search was not easy, but working with Gore we identified the new Gore-Tex® Infinium as the right choice for us. It’s extremely water resistant, breathable, and with excellent thermal characteristics thanks to the brushed material adhered to the inside of the membrane, and it also offers good abrasion resistance.

We’d achieved the first goal, identifying the raw material, the fabric. Now it was “just” a matter of making a jacket and pant with the perfect characteristics for both skiing and mountaineering. Over two winters, we spent many days field testing with our product testers. The garments were put to the test in many environments. From first ascents on new mixed routes and dry tooling in the Dolomites with Max Faletti, to climbing ice chutes on Mont Blanc with Denis Trento, to ski mountaineering and freeriding throughout the Alps, to Marco Confortola and the Kanchenjunga expedition in the Himalayas, where the Jorasses Plus was of great benefit in the continuous ups and downs between base camp and the higher camps during acclimatization. Thanks to all these tests, and to the very specific suggestions that our athletes gave us, we can say that we have created some of the best products in our collection: the Jorasses Plus jacket and pant. Now we, and you, will have a new ally for future adventures.




Our tradition of creating hybrid garments by combining the best characteristics of various fabrics led us to create the Jorasses Plus project. A hybrid shell that didn’t exist
We used a combination of GORE-TEX® INFINIUM™ zonal weather protection in the most exposed areas, to ensure protection from snow and rain, together with GORE-TEX® INFINIUM™ Windstopper® for greater breathability and stretch. 
The results are exceptionally versatile hybrid garments that are fully seam sealed, resistant to the elements, and highly breathable. A new standard of protection.




Testing the Jorasses Plus in the Himalayas was something of a gamble for me because I hadn’t used them very much before leaving. When I go on an expedition, I try to keep the gear to a minimum, so I take only the things that will be essential. And what a win! I practically never took them off during the whole acclimatization phase. Exceptional. There were a few small details to be modified, which were promptly fixed on the final versions when I returned. All in all, these are outstanding garments that I also use when I’m on duty with the helicopter rescue service.


Skiing on Mont Blanc from October to July means constantly pushing your body, clothing, and technical equipment to the limit. Over the years, I’ve stopped counting the pants I’ve had to throw away due to tears from rubbing against granite, ice, and rope. Now that I have the Jorasses Plus pant, I can easily plan to use the same garment for multiple seasons. And if I’m covering significant differences in elevation every day, it’s essential that the garments be light, breathable, and comfortable, allowing me to save precious energy. Passing from 2,000 to 4,000 meters within a few hours, the weather conditions change radically. Having a jacket that works at -5 as well as -15 with 40-kilometer-per-hour winds is a factor I need to consider; otherwise, I risk overheating in the first part of the outing or freezing near the much-anticipated summit.


I rigorously tested one of the first prototypes of the Jorasses Plus in ice and mixed climbing. I can honestly say the product is fantastic! Durable with a good fit. Water resistance against icy water flows! When ice climbing, you often pierce through the ice to the water below with your axe and get a nice splash of icy water. In that case, you can see immediately if the product is well made. Thanks to the Velcro straps for adjustment, the pants work great with both ski mountaineering and ice climbing boots. This suit is excellent for guide work and mountaineering use.