Adèle Milloz was born in 1996 in a small village near Tignes in the Savoy region of France. The daughter of a high mountain guide and a ski instructor, Adèle has always loved the mountains. At a year and a half she was already skiing in front of the house, and when she was six her father mounted ski mountaineering bindings to her skis so they could go up and cheer for her uncle who was racing the legendary Pierra Menta. That day, after starting from Areches and climbing up to Grand Mont to watch the skiers pass, Adèle knew that sooner or later she too would participate in that incredible race. She started competing in 2011 and joined the French national team that same year. Since then, this wonderful sport has allowed her to participate in many championships and see different European countries. She loves this discipline for the freedom it provides and for the spectacular landscapes it enables her to discover in the mountains.