Hike & Fly


Effort, sweat and freedom.

Running is something natural; it comes easily to me.

Gliding across the snow on skis, even more so.

I’ve always put in the effort to run up a little higher, to discover what lies hidden behind a peak, a mountain, a summit.

The skis have given me the speed and cadence in my technique to glide lightly over the frozen snow.

Running is strenuous. It has always been strenuous, but then I would ski faster.

Technique, patience, precision are all ingredients of my passion, biathlon!

That incredible and fascinating sport where you manage to suppress the hard breathing that takes you to the shooting range after chasing your opponents, gaining the strength to lower your heart rate so as not to move a muscle when you are about to fire, and to pull the trigger of the rifle with just enough force.

Self-discipline, but above all adrenaline, which floods me and captivates me, enough to make me want to start again at the end of each race. To begin again in pursuit of a new challenge...

Yes...it’s genetic! I was born this way! The desire to exert myself is part of me and has grown with me. As a child of the Dolomites, I discovered a taste for exertion, for pacing myself in order to reach the mountaintops. That distant point to find out what you can see beyond. To discover within me, and develop, the awareness that with training and preparation I can achieve my goals.

This search has always made me admire eagles, hawks and kestrels while I’m out running. I’ve always admired their ability to remain motionless above the windswept slope, moving their wings imperceptibly to remain in position, steady! Immobile, observing. How much I envied them and longed to be like them. From there I began to want to fly, to be one of them and look farther, into the distance like they do.

Yes! I’m curious about everything around me, and in this way I realized that all this effort, rhythm and management of energy levels could then be freed in something wonderful, flight.

Flight with a paraglider, a lightweight fabric wing held by a network of suspension lines that supports you in a gentle descent toward home.


Forget the exertion and the summer training, with playful flights and pirouettes over the most beautiful valleys of the Dolomites, my childhood friends.

This is how the passion to combine running and flying was born. The effort to reach a peak, then wait for the friendly wind and allow myself to be transported down to the valley floor, where I started not long before.

What more could I ask for?

Lukas Hofer

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