Lofoten, August 7, the usual crappy weather!

Yesterday we “stole” the summit of Stetinden, the Matterhorn of Norway, in the damp and cold – truly unfavorable conditions for climbing. On top, though, the sky cleared up, and it was fantastic to see a myriad of fjords and islands beneath us.

We were on top of the world.

A technically easy but very rewarding route. Now we are under the pillar of Presten, one of the most beautiful walls in the Svolvaer area. Maurizio and I, bundled up in our down jackets, are trying to identify the route that we would like to climb. The weather continues to be bad, with drizzle and cold wind inviting us to just hole up in a bar.

We start anyway. The idea is to do the first three or four pitches and then see how it goes and descend ... But gradually, as we climb, the sky seems to lighten, and a wonderful light strikes us periodically. The landscape is amazing. It is now eight-thirty in the evening and here, at this hour, the sun struggles to disappear over the horizon. We are illuminated by the silvery reflections on the water.

At nine o’clock we reach the top. The sky on the horizon clears again and a magnificent sun shines on us. The amazing green, which the camera cannot capture, accompanies our descent ...

It’s a dream! This would be enough to justify such a long journey.