When Luka was little, his friends admired his father’s gear stored in the basement, and he learned the basics about hiking and climbing in the mountains from his father. In his high school years, he began to explore the world of alpine climbing with his friends, which would lead to an intense decade full of new experiences: cold nights, doubts, expeditions, pumped arms, successes and disappointments. Now he still finds pleasure in pursuing lofty goals or simply in breathing fresh air, being ready to learn and brave enough to try, and loving small victories and accepting failures. He thinks the mountains can teach all these things.

Enjoying new experiences, spending time in wide open spaces and learning lessons through climbing are what Luka believes in and wants to continue doing.


Pakistan – Latok 1, north face, new route;  Alaska – Denali Cassin ridge; Slovenia – Triglav, north face, Kaveljc, first repetition;  Nepal – Chukyma Go, new route;  Nepal – Janak, new route;  Pakistan – K7 west, new route.