The window of good weather in the morning rewarded us generously for the effort of the previous day, granting us a sunny descent along a ridge that led us to the dense forests of firs and larches crossed by ancient irrigation channels connecting the high valley of the Great Saint Bernard.

Doues, Allein, Etroubles: these are the small mountain villages we encountered during our descent and the subsequent transition to the right side of the valley, along the Ru Neuf canal to Gignod. The day’s stage was to take us to Rifugio Fallère, a true work of art – located at 2,365 meters’ elevation, at the foot of the mountain of the same name – managed by Siro and his son François.

From here, the temptation to reach and tackle the Becca France, an exposed and jagged mountain from which a truly one-of-a-kind single track drops down to the city of Aosta, was too strong.

We headed out again with an exceptional sunrise, with one of the most beautiful and majestic mountains in Valle d’Aosta in the background, the 3,969-meter Grivola, which I had conquered and descended on a splitboard along the southeast face, together with my freeskier friend Shanty.

Three intense days that end with this loop, crossing Roman Aosta and following the bike path that takes us back to our starting point, ready for another trip – why not? – together.


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