Resilience. A very fashionable word that’s on everyone’s lips today. A trait that has become more widespread because each of us, to some degree or other, has been put to the test during this challenging time. Communities accustomed to living in harmony with their surroundings, whether near the mountains or not, have always been resilient and have always found a way to respond to the elements that upset their balance.

At Karpos we’re doing everything we can to respond and to help the communities we’re connected with to respond. First of all, by continuing to do what we do best: make clothing to supply and support physical stores scattered around the world. Maintaining production at the same level as before means keeping people employed. It doesn’t matter if we’re working much harder now to achieve the same results; that’s all right today. What’s important is that the system doesn’t stop.

But we’d like to try to do more. In these trying times, we’ve decided to take an even more tangible step to support the mountains and the people who love them: we will donate 10% of sales from our online shop from November 20 to 30 to the mountain rescue stations that we’ve been collaborating with for years: Veneto, Piedmont and Tuscany. In addition to supporting aid to mountaineers in difficulty, the proceeds will be used for the rescuers’ school programs providing education on respect for the mountains.

Resilience for us means helping each other overcome challenges. This is the first of a series of contributions that we’ll be making to support the land, the mountains and their people.

Small, simple things that in this moment can become truly extraordinary.