His passion for mountaineering began at age 12, when he started climbing with his father on the walls near their home. A degree in industrial engineering in 2008 did not make him lose interest in his true passion, mountaineering. In fact, in 2006 he joined the Ragni di Lecco group, whose members enabled him to grow both as a climber and as a person. His favorite terrain has become the vertical rock walls where the challenge is to reach the top – if possible, free climbing – with little equipment, via difficult routes that put you to the test. First and foremost in Patagonia, for which he has a particular affection, as well as Greenland, Pakistan, India and Baffin Island. He loves an essential, practical, light mountaineering style in which the climber meets the mountain on equal terms. You can attain many successes but you also experience failures, and they help you become more aware of your limits while at the same time allowing you to savor your achievement even more when you reach the top.