The words most frequently heard at Karpos, when we speak or tell others about ourselves, are research, lightness, territory. We’ve always tried to explore new routes and territories in our research, to draw on first-hand experience when doing what we like to do best: make technical and lightweight garments for our favorite activities. Being able to share this with others in our territory, the Dolomites, who have the same passion is the culmination of a project that allows room for our imagination to create something new and unique. Something that does not yet exist. The organizers of the Delicious Festival have always tried to achieve this by promoting a territory that is harsh but also generous in producing memorable experiences. Cortina, the Queen of the Dolomites, is the perfect training ground where we can play and pursue our passion. For the event organizers, it is the gorgeous setting for their everyday lives. A fortunate encounter between two Dolomite organizations has led to a partnership that will be a sure source of new projects and goals to achieve together with taste and style — as we will see in the garments by Karpos, in the Delicious Trail routes and in the contributions of Cortina’s restaurateurs.

A significant contribution to the realization of this project will also come from Polartec®, another brand with a great capacity for innovation and research. Polartec®, a longtime Karpos partner, will help develop fabrics that will establish the garments created for the event participants as iconic collector’s items.


Karpos Moved Jersey in Polartec® Delta: the perfect garment for participants in the Delicious Trail 2019

When you put on this highly technical jersey and start running, you’ll quickly realize that you have the best possible ally. The Polartec® Delta fabric is breathable and will help regulate your body temperature during intense activity. Just run and enjoy the Delicious Trail, Karpos and Polartec® have done everything else to keep you comfortable.



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