It was kind of an ugly morning. I was with Maurizio and Andrea and we wanted to climb somewhere. As we drove up toward Agordo the weather seemed to worsen, and a few drops threatened to send us to the bar. Moiazza is ideal for these strange days; the approaches are not complicated, the descents are easy and the low elevation makes storms less treacherous. In the Dolomites, those who climb only in good weather will climb very little, so we head out. Maurizio and I are tired, but we continue to have fun even with these difficulties, while Andrea seems galvanized by the environment and the beauty of the rock. The incorrect use of his knees on the last sequence makes us smile, but the important thing is to get up. The sun cautiously breaks through the clouds. Everything around the crags takes on a different color, and warm gusts rise from the valley. I’m in the mountains, I’ve climbed and I’m happy.


Scalet delle Masenade

Via Decima (Luigi Decima, Fausto Todesco, Sonia Della Santa, Pier Costante Brustolon 1976) 

350 meters, IV, V with a sequence of V+ on the third pitch, 3 hours, route well bolted, many tunnels and cracks that accommodate nuts and friends well. It is one of the group’s most classic climbs.

The difficulty is moderate and the rock beautiful. The only problem is that it’s crowded on nice days.


a) From Rifugio Carestiato, follow the Alta Via toward Forcella del Camp; after about 20 minutes the route will be clear and a small trail will lead to the attack point, located about 30 meters to the right of the marked vertical dihedral.

b) From Agordo, take the road behind the hospital that goes to Rif, and from this town go to Malga Framont (20 minutes by car from Agordo). From here it’s another 20 minutes to the attack point.



Upon completing the route, follow the ledge to the left (west) and return to the valley via trail and rocks (easy and clear). Abseiling is possible but not recommended. The description is the original draft written by Maurizio, Andrea and me in the summer of 2014. Enjoy!


Download the route description