At Karpos, we see the mountains as our home, and we’ve always tried to provide significant and lasting support. In all these years of work, we’ve been able to achieve important goals within our company, but, even more, we’ve contributed to the development of numerous events, projects, and activities to sustain our area.
What’s more, our character as athletes and lovers of the mountains and of our region has guided our every action and decision, year after year, to shape a brand that is increasingly attentive to its ecological footprint and sustainability and progressively more considerate of our natural environment.




The Help the Mountains project arose from the desire to give a name and a home to this long journey that started years ago, a clear expression of our love, respect, and dedication to the entire world of the mountains.

The initiative that Help the Mountains is based on is the donation of 1% of our annual turnover to a series of activities aimed at supporting the mountains and protecting the environment.



✓ We help the mountains
✓ We help those who live and breathe the mountains every day
✓ We help those who love and respect the mountains
✓ We help those who protect the mountains

We have been collaborating with some projects and activities for several years, while with others we are just beginning. What is certain is that we will continue to be fully committed to what for us is not just part of our work but is a passion and a lifestyle.




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