The reuse of materials is one of the values ​​that have guided the brand and Manifattura Valcismon for more than 70 years.
This philosophy is perfectly embodied by Signora Rina, symbolic grandmother of the whole company. As our grandmothers often do, Rina taught us that we can give new life to anything (even objects that are apparently useless) and, especially, that we shouldn’t throw anything away and that everything can and should be useful.

With the Rina Bag, dedicated to her, we want to symbolically thank the previous generations for their teaching, and at the same time pass it on by inspiring present and future generations.





To create these first 2,000 Rina Bags, we recovered from our warehouses fabrics and materials that were destined for shredding, and we tried to find a new use for them, combining aesthetics and practicality. In this way we’ve been able to find new value in quality raw materials and reintroduce them into our production cycle.

Specifically, this involves 700 meters of fabric, 6,000 meters of elastic, and 2,000 recovered labels. These numbers, which will increase, highlight our desire to take another step toward a model of sustainable development.




The Rina Bag is not just a product but a way of thinking and acting. Our aim is in fact to continue this project in the future and to extend the principle of recovering and saving our resources to other production lines.

At Karpos we believe that each of us can do our part to improve the socioenvironmental impacts of our actions and allow future generations to meet their needs like we do. The Rina Bag exemplifies one of the commitments contained in our sustainable development program, that of increasing the use of fabrics produced following the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS).




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This approach is integrated into our HELP THE MOUNTAINS project, through which we contribute 1% of our turnover to support the outdoor community and its projects and initiatives.



Fifty percent of the proceeds from online Rina Bag sales will contribute to enhancing what we will do withHELP THE MOUNTAINS , in order to have a tangible impact on the area — thanks also to your help.