the star of karpos


Dreaming has always been a fundamental component of our projects, and of our nature. If you don’t dream, you can’t imagine flying high, doing what you’ve never done before.

The ski mountaineering team of the Centro Sportivo dell’Esercito has been one of our dreams in recent years. We’re definitely young still, and all young people are rightly ambitious. Ambitious like the Courmayeur athletes, who have won everything there was to win in the colors of their military sport section and of the Italian national team. And now, finally, we can work together. We both have long traditions behind us; Karpos has a manufacturing heritage, and the Centro Sportivo has a track record of athletic achievements that goes back decades.

The star is the symbol of the Italian Army, and we’ve proudly made it clearly visible on the clothing of the ski mountaineering team. A star that will surely guide both of our organizations in our journey toward new successes. Including, above all, the Mezzalama. Then we’ll start again, dreaming together about new stars to follow and new shared goals to pursue.

See the clothing worn by the athletes of the Centro Sportivo dell’Esercito.