Karpos will be the main sponsor of the next three editions of the Pierra Menta, the legendary ski mountaineering race of the Grande Course circuit that takes place every year in the Arêches-Beaufort mountains in Savoy, France. The Pierra Menta, also known as “La Pierra,” is an annual gathering of the best ski mountaineers in the world. Its format, unchanged since 1985, continues to inspire the participating athletes who challenge each other every year on a unique and incomparable route that requires great endurance on the climbs and impeccable technique on the descents. More than 600 participants in the “youth” and “adult” categories climb more than 10,000 meters in elevation in just four days, contending with sharp ridges and steep slopes. La Pierra is not just effort and sweat: its typical festive atmosphere and the extraordinary enthusiasm of the public make it a can’t-miss event for all winter sports enthusiasts.

These are some of the reasons Karpos was drawn to the Pierra and its extraordinary organizers and athletes. For the next three years we will work together, sharing the same joy and passion. In this year’s edition of La Pierra alone, three Karpos athletes finished on the podium: Xavier Gachet, Didier Blanc and Katia Tomatis.