Doing what we love always creates a sense of well-being: we feel good and in harmony with ourselves and with the environment around us. Pursuing new goals and pushing our limits, whatever they are. All this is an endless source of energy, which we pour into everything we do at Karpos. We love the mountains, and we work for those who experience them by seeking precisely that intensity, that strength, but above all that joy, which is energy, in the path that leads to them.

In Alta Badia and in the Moviment parks you can find all this. This area is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. In this pearl of the Dolomites you’ll find whatever it is that recharges your mind and body.

Karpos will be with you in all this, whether you’re climbing spectacular rock walls, exploring new hiking trails, or hitting the single track or bike park.

Nature has created this paradise; we try to create garments that allow you to enjoy it to the fullest.


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The Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are the common ground on which Alta Badia and Karpos work, create and dream on a daily basis. Souls from the same world, who share the same indissoluble bonds, the same values and the same spirit of respect for the land where they work and live. A partnership which is part and parcel of the DNA of the Karpos brand and which has very strong ties with the surrounding area and mountains. Alta Badia, with its wonderful Ladin tradition and culture, and its morphological conformation ideal for mountain sports, will be a source of inspiration for the development of new garments and new collections, but also and above all an ideal place, which mountain lovers can fully enjoy while wearing and using Karpos garments.