A day as a musher


There are things you read about in a children’s book, and then maybe you see them again on TV and they seem impossible to realize, but … but then you actually do them! Sometimes a little dream does come true.

Have you ever dreamed of driving a team of dogs running at full speed through the silence of a pristine white winter landscape? We discovered that this reality exists here in the Alps too.

So we immediately went there, and this visit resulted in a unique and unforgettable friendship and experience.

The handler is a coach for the dogs; they can be considered real athletes, though, because the musher trains them and personally looks after their feeding. It’s quite a sight when the huskies are being harnessed and hitched to the sleds. They’re impatient because they know they’re about to start.

When everything is ready, the musher climbs on the back of the runners, removes the anchor driven into the frozen ground, and, in a firm tone, gives the order: “OK!” The team, which can be composed of four or more dogs, starts, following the orders shouted to the lead dog – and we’re off! The adventure has begun!

It’s amazing to see that the dogs already know everything, and all you have to do is guide the sled (without getting too carried away) and help them on the uphill sections, where you get down to push.

The experience is completely exhilarating. You don’t even notice the snow spray and icy wind in your face since there’s so much adrenaline flowing inside you because of what you’re doing ... living a dream!

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