Marco Confortola gives Karpos its first 8,000er
and reaches 11. Watch the film:

Marco joined the Karpos family just over two years ago, and the bond between him and the company quickly become very strong. Many things in common: energy, the search for oneself and one’s limits, the desire to grow. Elements that have brought together the two parties’ destinies. And so, after little more than a year, last year Marco Confortola gave Karpos the first eight-thousander in its young history, and Karpos is trying to help Marco achieve his dream of summiting all 14 eight-thousanders. A great challenge for both.


Let’s take a look at this story of commitment, dreams, and satisfaction


"Shortly after reaching base camp and getting everything organized, the phase that no climber loves — acclimatization — begins! Up and down. You go up and stay at altitude, and then you go back down. Then you go up again. The more you suffer, the more you endure and the readier you are to go up where the air is thin. Entire nights fighting against the cold, hunger, and the part of you that wants to go down to base camp where there’s more oxygen and everything seems easier. And it’s true: breathing at base camp is much easier."



"Yes! You go back down to where there’s a hot meal! Where you find friends and where your tent is as small as your affections are large. The tent at base camp is a tiny house where a simple photo of your loved ones, your child’s little teddy bear, takes you far away in time and space, and in your sleep you dream of the comfortable world that you left to be here again, at the base of a high mountain, to try to climb it."



"The cold is biting, but the struggle with the mountain continues. Step by step, hour after hour, day after day, until the moment finally arrives when, after so much suffering at altitude to acclimatize, you’re ready to attempt the summit."


"You climb, you persevere, you don’t give up because ultimately we were born to fight. NO PAIN, NO GAIN — a motto that becomes a mantra. Keep going! Keep going!"


Marco Confortola Gusherbrum Two 005 Eng Desktop
Marco Confortola Gusherbrum Two 004 Desktop


"We’re there! We made it … 8,030 meters without oxygen, at the summit of my 11th eight-thousander, honored and happy to be the first climber to summit an eight-thousander for a company that has welcomed me into its family … thank you, KARPOS!"