An infectious energy — that’s the first impression Dani Jung transmits to those who meet him. A force that keeps alive the desire to pursue new horizons, new challenges — not to conquer, but simply to discover something new. A pursuit that unites Karpos and Dani, so similar and so curious about a journey that’s always new.



Even as a child, when he accompanied his grandfather to the mountain pastures, gazing toward the jagged profile of the mountains gave Daniel the desire to go and discover those forever-new places. Curiosity, which is typical of all children, is a trait that we all try to preserve even when we become adults, and he has been fortunate enough to succeed. His favorite races are ultra runs, where long distances take him up and down repeatedly and where fatigue is a constant companion, providing the opportunity to discover different facets of the spirit.


Daniel started by kicking a ball, but that world was a bit too limiting for him. The desire to explore the world, especially the mountains, led him to start mountain biking. He drew international attention on the bike, collecting numerous successes in races and traveling the world for eight years, but then another passion began to burn, and in 2015 a new adventure began with trail running. The perhaps unexpected results came quickly, and in a very short time Dani found himself racing with the world elite of mountain ultra running. Among his most memorable achievements are victories and podiums in events such as the Hong Kong 100 (2017), Südtirol Ultraskyrace (2016), Transalpin Run (2017), Ultra Skymarathon Madeira (2019), Maga Skymarathon (2019), Tromso Skyrace (2019), and many others.


In the end, though, the real passion, beyond racing, always remains the desire of that child in the mountain pastures to run those high-elevation trails, and that’s where he found his place, setting records that will be difficult to break, at least in the short term. Some of his best-known records are the Berliner Höhenweg, Stubaier Höhenweg, Tiroler Höhenweg, and Pfunderer Höhenweg.


Daniel is a complete athlete who lives and breathes sports, heading out with his mountain bike or ski mountaineering skis to discover new trails to run on, or simply for a leisurely hike in the summer, perhaps with his girlfriend.