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"You can stop because you have to, or you can stop because you want to. It’s your choice. Do you want to live freely? Look for lightness. This is how you go far. There’s only one way to understand who you are: there’s an open space between your garden and the unreachable. Explore it. Let life take its course. Then push the boundary a little higher. Your identity is there, where effort and joy are the same thing. Do you know what’s revolutionary? Living your own life, the one you’ve chosen. Squeeze out the best, because every moment is perfect if you concentrate on what you can get out of it. Play seriously: you’re competing only with yourself. Listen to your nature. Listen to your beating heart; listen to it accelerate. Feel your muscles tighten and the sweat bead on your forehead. Look for intensity, because that’s how things get really interesting. Do you want to experience something new, something memorable? Change your perspective. There is a whole world just beyond your front door. Go where you’ve never been before. Don’t stop."


At first we talked about lizards, ants and caterpillars – all animals that are able to overcome gravity without wings. But then we came to think that the concept should be represented by an element that could symbolize a man climbing, but also nature, which in this case should encompass and surround the man’s mind – and more. And thus was born that superhuman hand, a fusion between the digits of a man and those of a gecko, a prehistoric and magical reptile capable of walking on walls. And then the color…green, the color of nature, because it is not we who conquer the mountains but the mountains that conquer us. We are the visionary mountaineers who imagine that love can cause holds to materialize under our fingers. We are the crazy idealists who think that with passion we can realize our dreams. We believed this, and we continue to believe it.

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