Having the opportunity to turn a passion into a career is a great fortune and is certainly one of the keys to success. We owe to our father this passion for what we call “outdoor” today and for what in the beginning for him was cross-country skiing and cycling. Thanks to our father, my brothers and I know the enjoyment provided – and the commitment required – by the activities and sports for which we create clothing, and this makes us aware when facing new challenges and enthusiastic about the projects we pursue. Karpos emerged ten years ago from this spirit of inquiry, from the drive to go beyond, from the wish to make our outdoor experience more complete, from the desire to reach the summits of the mountains and enjoy a 360-degree view. We have been fortunate to meet, search for and find people who share our passion and our professionalism. We have created a cohesive, engaged and enthusiastic team of individuals who, like us, through their work every day, give tangible form to their love for the mountains.

Gioia Cremonese