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As a mountain guide, you spend a lot of time in the mountains. How do you manage to balance your days?

It’s a challenging job, but definitely the best one I could choose. Being a guide still allows me to manage my time, balancing work, family, and mountaineering ambitions. Especially in winter, when the conditions for a long desired route comes, priorities are clear!

You've been teaming up with Luka Stražar for years now. How important is the team's harmony in the most challenging moments?

Everything is easier with a long-term partner, it's like with a wife, little talking and a lot of work done.  We were connected by similar interests, similar ways of philosophy about alpine climbing. When faced with challenges and difficult decisions it's important to be sincere about what you feel and think. If climbing partners are on the same wave length, being sincere is definitely easier. I think we have this with Luka.

After traveling around the world for years, are there any places in particular that for some reason have left you with meaningful memories?

The villages in Nepal near Ghunsa, which I visited in 2012, immediately come to mind. They’re surrounded by a colorful landscape, and the lifestyle of the local people impressed me. It was my first expedition to Nepal, and it was a success, which also helps create good memories. With modernization many of these things will probably change, but I always love coming back to visit these places.

What is your favorite Karpos product?

That’s a good question! But I have the answer: the Temporale Jacket. For me it’s great for all kinds of activities in the mountains. In general, I’m happy with all the garments, to the point that it’s sometimes hard to try new things (laughs).


2017 Sieg und Streckenrekord beim SuPerBetta Rennen bei der Tour di Ski Alp
2019 Internationale Expedition nach Alaska zu den höchsten Gipfeln Nordamerikas
2020 Zweite Begehung der Route "Per Nio" (6a+ obligatorisch) in der Südwand des Matterhorns
2022 Erstbegehung von "Essere o Non Essere" (550 m - M7 - 85° - AI V) in der Nordwand des Breithorns (Mittelgipfel)
2023 Erste Wiederholung und erste Winterwiederholung der "Diretta allo Scudo" (350 m / 7a+ max / 6b obligatorisch) in der Südwand des Matterhorns in nur 13 Stunden
2023 Erstbegehung des "Couloir Isaie" (600 m, M8 7a/7a+ - AI 5) in der Westwand der Aiguille Noire de Peuterey im Mont Blanc-Massiv


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