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Customer support

If you have any questions or need support, don't worry, we're here to help.
Here you will find all the answers to your questions.

What are the available payment methods and how do they work?

Apple Pay

You can use Apple Pay as a payment method in selected countries, where the payment option is available in the shopping bag, with your Apple device.
You can pay with Apple Pay using a credit card registered in Apple Pay, or by registering a new one.
The billing and shipping information will be taken from Apple Pay directly.
If you have a promo code or voucher, please enter it in the shopping bag before selecting the Apple Pay option.

Credit Card

Once the type of card has been selected, you need to fill in the full number of your credit or prepaid card without spaces, its expiry date, the security code (CVV/CVC) on the back of the card and the cardholder's data.
We accept all Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Discover e American Express.
The order amount will be blocked on the card and only charged when the order is fulfilled.
In case of entire or partial order cancellation the relevant amount will be automatically released.
The timeframe for release may vary according to the issuing credit institute.

Google Pay

At checkout, tap the Google Pay button. If asked, choose a payment method among those you have saved in your Google Pay and enter your shipping address. Then confirm your order.

Online Banking - Ideal (only for The Netherlands)

It is possible to proceed with payment by direct bank transfer, provided you own an internet-based account with a bank institute which supports iDeal.
After completing all checkout passages on the Karpos website, you will be re-addressed to the login page of your own online banking platform.
Once the payment is approved by the bank, the amount is charged on your own bank account right afterwards.
In the event of an entire or partial cancellation of the order, a refund will be issued for the corresponding amount.


PayPal allows payment through credit cards or PayPal account balances. Once you are redirected to the Paypal website, you can either log into your account or fill your credit card details. 

Why has my payment been rejected?

Once the purchase has been completed, the payment transaction is subject to bank verification.
Should any error be reported in the provided data, or just in case of insufficient balance on your account, the transaction will be aborted.
In this case, no sum will be blocked or charged on your bank account.

In order for the selected items to be dispatched, a new order must be issued either with the same previously selected method of payment or by any other available means.
Should this issue be encountered again, we kindly suggest you to address your credit institute directly for assistance.

For any further clarifications, you may contact our Customer Service.

How can I receive an invoice for my order ?

If you placed the order from Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Norway or Great Britain, you can contact our Customer Service to receive your invoice.

If you placed the order from country in the EU, we can't issue any invoice.
If you need, we can create a pro forma invoice with the data you filled when placing the order.
To receive a pro forma invoice, please contact our Customer Service.

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