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"The mountains never deceive you." - B. ŽALOHAR


An adoring look and overwhelming passion. Bine Žalohar is pure energy. Ski mountaineer, freerider, lover of the extreme. Born in 1986, he began skiing during his adolescence and just couldn’t stop, even though his true passion emerged with the discovery of freestyle.

He enjoyed playing with balance and jumps. After quickly reaching the highest levels of the sport, he remained among the best for 11 years. But in such a high-speed sport, nothing can be taken for granted. There are many fears and injuries to deal with. The important thing, Bine reveals, is to always be able to find a way forward, even when everything seems to be going in the wrong direction. This is how Bine Žalohar the ski mountaineer and lover of steep slopes emerged. Ski mountaineering is an exciting activity that offers adrenaline highs and the exquisite satisfaction of tracing perfect curves on untouched snow.

Born in Kranj, in the Slovenian mountains, Bine Žalohar has traveled the world with skis on his feet in search of new, never-before-skied lines, always with a smile on his face and eyes gazing ever upward, in search of a dream to experience.



You’ve skied all over the world. What’s your favorite place?
I’ve skied on five continents; I’m missing Africa and Antarctica. I think it would be exciting to be able to ski there!
I don’t know if I have a favorite place. In general, I look for good and safe conditions, whatever the location. I have without doubt done the best skiing of my life in Japan, in Chile, and also in Pakistan. My home, Slovenia, is incredible to experience on skis, even if it’s not one of the destinations most sought out by modern skiers.
Do you prefer powder or spring firn?
Nothing beats powder, but spring firn eliminates some of the risk factors and allows exploration, which is critical to my way of experiencing skiing.
You’re in the mountains almost 365 days a year. Haven’t you had enough yet?
How beautiful would 365 days a year of sun and brisk wind be? All joking aside, my work is closely connected to the mountains, and I engage in most of my hobbies here as well. The mountains, with all their subtleties, are part of who I am, although I also love the waves, the seafloor, and flip-flops. At the beach I give my body a rest, in the mountains, my mind.
What’s your favorite Karpos product?
It’s hard to pick just one! Certainly all my ski gear: the Odle fleece, the Storm Evo jacket, the Palù Evo pants, the Marmolada gloves, and the Lyskamm Evo jacket. But if I really have to choose one, I’d say the Lot Rain Jacket, which I take on all my outings, in both summer and winter.

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