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Now in its second edition, Ultratrail Franconian Switzerland (UTFS) was conceived in 2021 by five friends (Werner Schlund, Florian Troeger, Stefan Meyer, Johannes Hendel, and Matthias Barsch) who wanted to introduce others to the region’s beauty and bring together the trail-runner community in the Franconian highlands. Once renowned for the famous climbing routes scattered around the area, the Wiesent valley is experiencing a new evolution, drawing on a heritage that, as the organizers say, “can’t remain hidden behind the Alps.”
The debut of the long-distance race, which was immediately included in the German national circuit of the International Trailrunning Association, saw the event sell out in just seven days from the opening of registration. A success that led the organizers to triple the number of participants for the 2023 edition: 500 athletes from all over Germany, but also from Switzerland and Norway — including notable names such as Alexander Westenberger and Anke Friedl.
In the future, the founders aim to gradually and sustainably add new challenges, creating an event that’s destined to be one of the most important early-season races in central Europe.


The sense of community that connects the organizers and local activities is one of the hallmarks of Ultratrail Franconian Switzerland. Hence the UTFS Community Run, the free, informal outing that brings together local mountain running enthusiasts. In addition to enjoying a reconnaissance run over shorter distances, participants have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with key historical and artistic works of the area while sharing a passion centered on finding joy in physical effort.


The organization takes a respectful approach to native animal species, which help shape the identity of the region. For the second edition of the event, the Ultratrail route has been slightly altered to protect the nesting activity of the families of bats and birds that inhabit the caves and woods of Franconian Switzerland.



66 km
2.760 m. D+

12-hour time limit
Start and finish at Ebermannstadt
3 ITRA (International Trailrunning Association) points

The gentle start is the only moment the Ultratrail finishers will remember: 4 kilometers through the town of Ebermannstadt before tackling the pounding sequence of the Franconian highlands. A journey of changing gradients and emotions, where runners need to grit their teeth uphill and free their tired quads downhill. The participants will pass through five municipalities and two counties in rapid succession, always running near the Wiesent River.
The route ends amid the enthusiasm of the fans welcoming the runners as they return to the starting point. A journey to (re)discover the essence of trail running, where sweat, physical effort, and unspoiled nature all come together.


33 km
1.380 D+

7-hour time limit
Start and finish at Ebermannstadt
2 ITRA (International Trailrunning Association) points)

The shorter version of the route, introduced in 2023, combines technical sections with exploratory trails. The loop route heads uphill after just 200 m: a long climb and a series of ups and downs leading to the ruins of the Neideck Castle immediately raise the heart rate. Then a gentle descent to Muggendorf, followed by the crossing of the Wiesent valley and the descent to the finish in the Ebermannstadt market square.
Participants can choose how to approach the route, as the Speedtrail is designed both for those who want to challenge their physical and mental endurance and for those who simply want to experience the magnificence of the woods and caves of northern Bavaria.


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