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Follow the TOR 330 – Tor des Géants®, the queen competition of TORX®, on our social media channels and karpos-outdoor.com. Real-time updates, news, and interviews will allow you to experience the 330 km and 24,000 m of elevation gain together with the Giants!

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Wednesday, September 14th


The first final verdicts have arrived also in the women's category. With a sensational performance, the British Sabrina Verjee wins the TOR 330 2022 in 80h19'38 ". An incredible time that places La Verjee even in fifth place in the general classification, behind Andrea Mattiato. A pace at which even Silvia Garrote Trigueros, a true icon of this race, must surrender. The Basque athlete finishes in second place with about 5 hours late. However, another exemplary test for Garrote, who had become the protagonist of a splendid comeback on the third day of competition. Sandrine Beranger completes the podium with a time of 89h40'04 ".


Andrea Mattiato is also a finisher of TOR 330 - Tor des Géants®! The Karpos team athlete closes her TOR in fourth position with a time of 78h 22 ’28 ". Andrea's story is that of many "normal" people, who cultivate the dream of traveling the two high roads of the Aosta Valley and putting their signature on the arrival of Courmayeur. A year of sacrifices, of time taken from loved ones, with only one goal in mind: to be the finisher of the Tor des Géants. To tell the truth Andrea is already an established athlete in the international mountain racing scene: in 2019 he won the Swiss Peak, in the past he has already finished the Tor des Géants in the top 10. Congratulations Andrea!


The battle for the podium continues, both in the men and in the women. Simone Corsini has recently reached the Frassati refuge and has to manage about an hour of advantage that separates him from Andrea Macchi and Andrea Mattiato. Their arrival is expected in the early afternoon. The hopes of witnessing the poker of victories for Silvia Trigueros Garrote, who perhaps did not expect a huge performance from Verjee, are shrinking. The latter has almost two hours of advantage and travels towards the final victory.


Jonas Russi conquers his first Tor des Géants! Arrival on the catwalk for the Swiss, who triumphs in 70 hours 31 minutes and 36 seconds. The exciting arrival in Courmayeur, complete with a hug with Franco Collé, closes a journey dominated from start to finish, and which makes him enter the history of the Giants. Congratulations Jonas!


CUNEY - Unexpected turn in the women's race, where Sabrina Verjee detached Silvia Trigueros Garrote between the Magià refuge and Cuney. The British now leads with an advantage of about an hour over the reigning champion. What a race finale!


FRASSATI REFUGE - A little while ago Jonas Russi reached the Frassati refuge under a suggestive rain, which is slightly slowing down his pace in the race. The weather conditions, combined with the great fatigue, prevent Russi from attempting the new race record. It probably matters little. 20 km, on arrival!


SAINT-RHEMY EN BOSSES - Jonas Russi has just arrived in Saint Rhemy en Bosses. Last refreshment for the future TOR winner, after which Jonas will face the ascent to Col du Malatrà and the descent to Courmayeur!

Tuesday, September 13th


A "funny" anecdote also emerges from Ollomont. During the night, the fans present in the life bases and at the shelters cheered Jonas Russi wishing him "good luck". Although Jonas gets along quite well with Italian, he could not understand the meaning of this saying and confused it with "beware of the wolf". Probably not even the wolves could have reached him in this extraordinary Tor des Géants!


OLLOMONT - The countdown to the triumphal arrival of Jonas Russi in Courmayeur has begun, scheduled for around 04:30. Leaving Ollomont, the Swiss continues to maintain a more than reassuring advantage over Simone Corsini. A real man on a mission, Jonas, in this Tor des Géants: to those who interview him and to the fans who cheer him on, Russi repeats that he is second and that he must keep pushing to get back in the lead. Champion mentality and determination, but also an enormous respect for Franco Collé!


TOR 130 - TOT DRET The TOR 130 has started! 500 athletes from 26 countries at the starting line, 130 km with 12,000 meters of elevation gain, with the race record currently held by Giuliano Cavallo, which in 2019 ended with a time of 23h01'25 ".


OLLOMONT - Situation almost unchanged compared to the previous update, both in the male and female fields. Jonas Russi continues his triumphal march, with the confidence of those who strongly wanted this tor des Géants and the awareness of their own strength. Trigueros Garrote always has half an hour ahead of Verjee leaving Valtournenche.


BARMASSE - Andrea Mattiato and Andrea Macchi continue their Tor side by side. Out of Valtournenche the athlete from Belluno was 11 minutes late. A small gap probably due to a little extra break to fill up on energy, and promptly canceled near the Barmasse refuge. In the next few hours we will understand if this rotation will continue or if one of the two will be able to prevail.


BARMASSE REFUGE - Jonas Russi striding towards triumph at the Tor des Géants. At the passage to the Barmasse refuge, the Swiss has further stretched on Simone Corsini. The advantage of about 5 hours over the Italian leaves little doubt, at about 100 km. from the finish in Courmayeur, on the outcome of the race, except for sensational twists. Andrea Mattiato chases Macchi and is currently in 4th position with a delay of 11 '. Martin Perrier is added to the fight for the podium, who is about an hour behind the athlete of Team Karpos. It seems to be a thrilling finish for third place. Among the women, Silvia Ainhoa ​​Trigueros Garrote has stretched again on the British Verjee and will have to be good at managing the more than 40 minutes that separate her from the pursuer. The Australian Grant and the Swiss Golay-Geymond are further away.


GRESSONEY - Roman Ficek withdraws from the Tor des Géants. Another top runner is forced to abandon the race. After Peter Kienzl, who had to give up yesterday, today it was the Polish ultrarunner's turn. His TOR 330 - Tor des Géants was however positive. Ficek immediately tried to battle with Franco Collè and Jonas Russi, setting the pace for some sections of the race and giving life to a thrilling duel with Jonas Russi.


ALPENZU REFUGE - ANDREA MATTIATO THIRD!Andrea Mattiato and Andrea Macchi now share the third provisional position. Great TOR so far for the athlete of Team Karpos, who overtook Damian Hall at Niel and tries to chase Simone Corsini, with a gap of about 2 hours to recover. Although in the past he has already managed to place himself in the top 10, Andrea Mattiato is one of the surprises of this Tor des Géants. Franco Collé describes him as an athlete whose main characteristic is constancy of rhythm. An aspect that in races like the TOR 330 can make the difference.


NIEL - Jonas Russi activates the turbo. Shortly after Sassa the advantage of the Swiss increased further, also thanks to the "surrender" of Roman Ficek. There are 4 hours of difference between Jonas' time and the first pursuer in Champoluc. Jonas is getting closer and closer to his first victory at the Tor des Géants. In the women's field it is a two-way fight between Trigueros and Verjee, the latter protagonist of a great comeback and only 11 minutes late in Loo. We'll see if the British will be able to complete the comeback!

Monday, September 12th


NIEL - Jonas Russi's advantage over Roman Ficek is becoming more and more important. The Swiss ultra runner reached Niel welcomed by the warmth of the crowd present with an estimated advantage of two hours. A gap that can be bridged, but which could represent the turning point for the conquest of this TOR 330 - Tor des Géants.


RIFUGIO CODA - Andrea Mattiato e Andrea Macchi hanno raggiunto assieme il rifugio Coda. Il loro distacco dal britannico Hall, che occupa la quarta posizione, è di poco superiore ai 20 minuti. Per entrambi non si tratta della prima esperienza al TOR. I due si sono trovati a Cogne e da lì hanno proceduto allo stesso ritmo anche grazie al supporto dell'altro, condividendo fatica e paesaggi.


DONNAS - The dominion of Silva Trigueros Garrote at Tor 330 - Tor des Géants continues, undisputed. Yet winner of the last three editions - 2018, 2019 and 2021 - the Basque athlete is closer and closer to an historic poker. Behind her, about an hour, chases the British Verjee.


DONNAS - Donnas proves itself being a significant step also in this thirteenth edition of the Tor des Géants. This is certainly the case of Andrea Mattiato, from the Karpos Team, who has increased the pace of his race since last night. Coming out of Donnas, the Italian managed to conquer the momentary sixth position, behind his compatriot Andrea Macchi. Let's go Andrea!


DONNAS - At Donnas, Jonas Russi tries to dictate the pace and manages to create an advantage of about 5 minutes over Roman Ficek. The advantage remains constant also in Perloz and Sassa. We will see if the ultra Swiss runner will be able to further increase and keep the ball of operations.


DONNAS - Even the passage under the Roman Arch of Donnas does not present any surprises compared to the previous update. The Russi - Ficek couple continues their shared dominion, when we have now almost reached the halfway point (156 km. And 12 m of elevation gain).


PONTBOSET - Jonas Russi and Roman Ficek's sly escape to Chardonney and Pontboset continues. The couple lead the Tor des Géants with a gap of about an hour on the Italian Simone Corsini. For the Swiss, another exciting battle lies ahead, after the one with Franco Collè in 2021: TOR X 21 - Franco Collè tells his story


COGNE - Jonas Russi and Roman Ficek lead the operations. At 2.02 they passed the Sella Refuge and then descended towards Cogne. The two athletes have an advantage of about 1 hour over Damian Hall. Among the women Silvia Garrote Trigueros maintains the lead, with the British Verjee following at about half an hour.

Sunday, September 11th


FRANCO COLLÉ AND MELISSA PAGANELLI RETIRE! - Not even the time to conclude the first day that the TOR 330 - Tor des Géants loses two protagonists of the race. In the men's field Franco Collè is forced to retire due to the Achilles tendon pain that has tormented him in recent weeks. Franco tried to grit his teeth and tried to take part in the TOR, which has a special meaning for him, but he had to surrender to the pain that gave him no respite from Valgrisanche. What stopped Melissa Paganelli was a shoulder injury, which came out on the descent from Col Fenetre. The TOR thus loses two absolute protagonists of the race.


RHEMES - NOTRE - DAME - When about a quarter of the race has elapsed (70 km. And 6000 m of elevation gain), the Giants have reached Rhemes-Notre-Dame. Franco Collé currently occupies the fourth position, with a delay of about 5 minutes from the Polish Ficek, 3 minutes from Hall and 2 from Russi.


VALGRISANCHE - Franco Collè has recently reached Valgrisanche's life base, where he refreshed himself thanks to the assistance of his partner Giuditta Turini, who yesterday became the world champion of Sky running. Right behind Jonas Russi, with whom another epic battle looms!


PLANAVAL - Warm welcome for the Giants in Planaval. When we have now reached the 50th km of the race, the runners have passed the casaforte and are heading towards Valgrisenche. The head of the race remains compact for now.


REFUGE DEFFEYES - At the 30th km of the race and 3000th meter of positive elevation gain, Franco Collè maintains the leadership of the TOR 330 - Tor des Géants. Behind him the British Collison and Hall, followed by the Swiss Jonas Russi, with whom Franco led an mazing sporting battle in last year's edition. Kienzl, Ficek, Corsini, Picinali, Gubert and Mattiato complete the provisional top 10.


LA THUILE - The Giants reached La Thuile after about 19 km and 1750 m of elevation gain. The Aosta Valley Franco Collè is always leading the race. From there the athletes are yet running towards the stretch that will take them to the deffeyes refuge.


BAITE YOULAZ - Franco Collè leads the Tor des Géants, Andrea Mattiato passes in 12 position. Among the women Melissa Paganelli temporarily occupies the third position.


The TOR 330 - Tor des Géants has started! In an atmosphere of celebration and ovation, the Giants kick off their adventure! Relive the emotion of the start through our stories!


Less than two hours at the start of the Tor des Géants. The athletes were divided into two groups with scheduled start from Courmayeur at 10:00 and 12:00 respectively. These are the favorites for the final victory: Franco Collè, Jonas Russi, Roman Ficek, Peter Kienzl and Andrea Macchi in the men category. Among women, eyes on Silvia Trigueros, already winner last year, followed by Melissa Paganelli, Mika Theves, Sandrine Beranger, Banu Aysolmaz and Nathalie white


This is the list of Karpos team athletes who will take part in TOR 330: Franco Collé, Andrea Mattiato, Melissa Paganelli, Enrico Vazzoler, Fabio Carrara, Michel Foester, Yanez Borella


The race record is currently held by Franco Collè with a time of 66 hours 43 minutes and 57 seconds. Franco stopped the clock at that time in last year's edition, and conquered in this way his third TOR 330 - TOr des Géants after those of 2014 and 2018.


Good morning and welcome to the live of the TOR 330 - Tor des Géants®, the queen of ultra trail running races. This year 1100 Giants, coming from 64 nations, will experience a 330 km and 24,000 meters of elevation gain adventure, following the route of the Alte Vie della Valle d’Aosta that crosses symbolic mountains such as Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and Cervino.

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