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Young athletes, promising trail running talents. Passionate, ambitious young people, eager to put themselves to the test with difficult challenges and routes, while dreaming of future participation in the most legendary races on the international scene, following in the footsteps of their team managers.
These are the characteristics of the young mountain running talents who are members of Karpos Team Espoir, which as of 2023 has a more international dimension. In fact, there are two teams that will wear the Karpos colors this season: French and Swiss.

The youngsters will together tackle a calendar of national competitions in the trail, vertical, and skyrunning specialties, sharing their personal and athletic growth.
The members of Team Espoir will thus have the opportunity to improve in various aspects, from running technique to the management of physical and mental resources during races, and to find their place in the racing scene, thanks also to the motivation provided by their peers.
Through Team Espoir, we want to pass on our way of experiencing trail running to the athletes of tomorrow, with the idea of creating a community of runners who see others as companions rather than opponents.

team espoir france


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For Elisa Croissant, originally from the Île-de-France, a love of mountain sports runs in the family. While she had her first outdoor experiences with her parents, it was by following her sister, a promising trail runner, that she discovered mountain running. Although the geography of the capital region didn’t allow her to train for significant elevation changes, Elisa found a way to cross the same surrounding gentle hills multiple times. Her determination enabled her to join the national youth racing circuit less than two years after taking up the sport.
In addition to her university studies, Elisa has big competitive plans for the future: “I would like to continually raise the bar: the physical and mental effort required is more important than the start. When I race, I aim for a new best record and a good place in the rankings.” Elisa is ready to realize her ambitions by racing with Team Espoir France by Karpos.


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If you’d told Guillaume a few years ago that he would join a team of young trail runners, he probably wouldn’t have believed it. In fact, it was his father who suggested he try mountain running, even though it wasn’t his passion as a child. Gradually, the kid from Besançon began to enjoy it! To the point of learning by himself and steadily increasing his competitiveness, also thanks to the support of his coach.

His ambition and competitive spirit have pushed him to throw himself fully into the races he participates in, just like his teammates on Team Espoir. The results have proved him right: just three years after he started trail running, Guillaume has entered the national race circuit, and he aims to join the international circuit in the coming years.


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