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“My clothing is the last thing I check before going to bed; it’s my pre-race ritual. I lay out the jerseys, shorts, jacket, and other materials on the sofa, and then I try to fall asleep and enjoy the last night.”

Franco Collè’s routine on the eve of the Tor des Géants is almost a superstitious ritual. A way to say, “OK, everything is fine. Now I can start without worrying.” He has only the essentials with him, because on a run like the Tor everything needs to be taken into account. Forgetting one small thing or choosing the wrong gear could be enough to compromise the result of the Tor, the hardest ultra trail race in the world.

“Clothing plays a critical role in a race like the Tor. It must be lightweight but high-performance. It must ensure protection from the elements, even in the most extreme conditions, and it must be comfortable. On the trails it will be my second skin for kilometers and kilometers; I have to forget I’m wearing it to be able to concentrate solely on my performance.”

You too can wear the favorite garments of the Tor des Géants record holder and three-time winner, Franco Collè. Join the TORX family and take it with you on all your runs to experience the thrill of the toughest race throughout the year!


When you’re racing, you can’t let the rain stop you; you have to manage it. This is the idea behind the Rain Project line, with a jacket and pant that ensure the right protection. “You can run for hours without getting wet,” confirms Franco, who is thoroughly familiar with the jacket’s capabilities after having “tested” it in the final kilometers of Tor 2021. The Lavaredo Rain Jacket, thanks to the thermo-welded seams, offers 8,000 mm of waterproofing. Easily compactible, these garments take up little space — to the point that you almost forget you have them with you ... at least until the moment you need them.


Do you run in the mornings or evenings? Even though it’s summer, at high altitudes the temperatures can be chilly for running in shorts. The Lavaredo Tech and Lavaredo Winter models were created for this need, delivering the right amount of warmth for the conditions. Lightweight and with an ergonomic fit, they make running much more enjoyable — “especially in the first few minutes, when the muscles are still cold.”


The extremities are always the most susceptible when you’re in the mountains, including while running. A small change in the temperature can be enough to cause cold fingers and raise the risk of hypothermia. The Lavaredo gloves are designed for these situations, but there are also interesting solutions for rainy days, such as the Rain Mitt, a completely waterproof seam-sealed mitten.
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