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“Following your head is easy. So is following your heart. What’s more difficult is to be guided by both, blending reason and feeling. But this is the way to build new processes for developing inspired and innovative solutions.”

With this line we want to realize our most ambitious dreams, with projects that don’t remain just desires. Products that represent the absolute best of Karpos in terms of innovation, research and technology. Here’s where the synergy with our top athletes allows us to explore solutions that have never yet been tried and to create gear with ever-higher performance standards.



highest ghiaccio
highest montagna

A combination of garments designed specifically for the Himalayan environment and its extremely cold but dry conditions. The absence of moisture allows the use of natural down in the outer garment. The shell is used as a mid layer to retain body heat.

A combination of garments designed for Alpine conditions, with damp and intense cold. This combination is perfect for tackling technical challenges – such as frozen falls, north faces in the Alps in the winter, Patagonian big walls – where the climb becomes extreme in terms of both technical difficulty and adverse weather conditions. Down is used as a mid layer to provide warmth. The shell is used as an abrasion-resistant outer layer that protects from water, snow and damp.
“If you stay where you’ve always been, you’ll see what you’ve always seen. If you go where you’ve never been before, maybe you’ll be able to discover something new”.
highest cit
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