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Hiking doesn’t mean trampling! This is the motto of A Light Step (“Un passo leggero”), the environmental education project that aims to raise children’s awareness of the importance of leaving as light a footprint as possible when enjoying the mountain environment. Any traces we leave in the mountains and in the environment must not be permanent but must disappear over time to restore nature’s balance. Fun and interactive educational activities allowed the young participants to immerse themselves in the natural world while learning to recognize the work of the people who help preserve the mountains and to try, in turn, to maintain a balance in their relationship with nature.

Six very young hikers walked and explored the path that leads from the municipality of Vedano al Lambro to Rifugio Alpe Piazza in the municipality of Albaredo, learning to recognize and manage their footprint as part of the project developed by Family CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) Macherio-Vedano and CAI Vedano, in collaboration with the Ecosviluppo cooperative.

In the current and future generations, we at Karpos see the athletes to whom we hope to pass the baton of a sustainable approach to the mountains. Their role is fundamental in transmitting a mindful lifestyle to their peers and their families. For this reason, we have chosen to support A Light Step: it means giving practical continuity to a philosophy so that it can truly lay the foundations for the society of the future.


A Light Step began in Vedano al Lambro by showing children what it means to leave an earth-friendly footprint in everyday life, with an engaging treasure hunt featuring 45 tips and fun facts on natural resource management, consumption choices, and waste disposal. After that, they grappled with an educational escape room, where they had the opportunity to test their knowledge and measure their ecological footprint and see environmental issues firsthand: the participants cleaned up waste in a small area of ​​their city.

Those who showed the greatest interest and involvement were then able to participate in the final phase: the development of a thematic route along the trail that leads from Albaredo to Rifugio Alpe Piazza. The children attached an interactive sign with instructions to the pole at the beginning of the trail. Clearly visible along the path, they then placed six stones colored with ecological substances (which will disappear in a few months) providing clues to locate a box containing a recommendation and a short activity to be carried out.

The route is designed for everyone. Children and adults tackling the game as they walk can observe their natural surroundings and the signs left by human activity.



A Light Step is the third phase of the #nonrifiutarti project. Following plastic, the circular economy, and environmental protection, this year the program decided to focus on everyone’s responsibility toward the environment and on the effectiveness of small acts to promote mindfulness:

“To build a sustainable future, it’s essential that each person recognize the immense value of our natural heritage and become its guardian; this is the goal of environmental education and this project.
Bringing children into nature and allowing them to experience something of this type means changing their perception of things forever: once you start noticing the little things, you can’t stop seeing them; once you help the environment, there’s certain to be a next time.

Nicole Personeni – Environmental Educator, Ecosviluppo Cooperative

We believe that concern for protecting the mountain environment should be extended to all age groups and become instinctive so that everyone can use our favorite trails without trampling them!

A Light Step is part of the Help the Mountains program, through which we donate 1% of our turnover to initiatives that promote the maintenance and development of the mountains.

All this is possible thanks to your contribution as well!




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