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Sacrificing your free time for others. Always ready to act, in one of the most challenging environments, the specialists of the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps are our guardian angels when things go wrong in the mountains. They’re passionate men and women, experienced and consistent about keeping their skills up to date in order to be able to best assist those in difficulty. At Karpos, we couldn’t ignore their commitment to ensuring the safety of our experiences, of our rock or ice climbing, of our ski mountaineering ascents in search of powder. We know the risks involved in our favorite activities, and we know how much dedication it takes to choose to put oneself at the service of others.
The connection between Karpos and Alpine Rescue began more than 11 years ago, when we met the passionate members of the Veneto Alpine and Speleological Rescue. We understood through the gaze of these mountain people how much they do every day for our mountains. Over time, other partnerships have been initiated as well, with the Piedmontese, Tuscan, and Ligurian rescue services. It’s our way of thanking all the men and women who make themselves available, who sacrifice their free time, and who take risks to come to our aid.

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After more than 11 years of partnership, the connection between Karpos and Alpine Rescue has become increasingly significant and has enabled us to envision new initiatives, such as the journey that led to Help the Mountains, through which Karpos commits to allocating 1% of its turnover to projects focused on protecting and developing the mountains.

Our sponsorship of the helicopter rescue technicians, the canine units, and the operations center specialists began with the provision of high-visibility jackets and vests, garments to be used during rescue operations at night and in the winter. The ability to test these garments in extreme conditions has allowed our research and development department to create increasingly high-performance garments to be used in the high mountains, culminating in the current cutting-edge collections.
Another initiative that involved our organizations saw Karpos allocate 10% of turnover from online sales during Black Friday 2020 to the Alpine Rescue “Safe in the Mountains” awareness campaign. In this way, we wanted to support the work of the medical and health personnel — additional activities, beyond traditional rescue work, that Alpine Rescue took on due to the pandemic situation.

In 2021 we donated 20% of turnover generated online between November 26 and 29 as part of “Mountain Friday,” our version of Black Friday, to the Alpine Rescue divisions of Veneto, Piedmont, Liguria, and Tuscany. The initiative was extended to the entire month of December, when we donated 10% of online sales. A tangible way to support the rescue stations, whose activities have increased significantly in the post-pandemic period. Mountain lovers have enthusiastically participated in these initiatives, demonstrating their appreciation for our guardian angels.

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