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Being able to rely on an insulating garment that absorbs moisture and helps you maintain a constant body temperature, or on a shell that offers maximum protection from wind and water, is often decisive in enabling you to achieve a vertical dream or successfully negotiate a challenging outing.

Thanks to our partnership with Pertex®, over the years we’ve developed the most innovative solutions on the market, combining the unrivaled warmth-to-weight ratio, breathability, and protection offered by Pertex® fabrics with other materials. We’ve then tested them with our athletes in truly challenging situations, such as in a bivouac at 6,000 meters, with an icy north wind or in the middle of a snowfall.

We’ve incorporated three Pertex® technologies in our winter collection:

1. Pertex® Shield Revolve™

2. Pertex® Shield

3. Pertex® Quantum

1. Pertex® Shield Revolve™

A high level of protection from water and wind, with a particular focus on respect for the environment and those who wear the garments. Pertex® Shield Revolve™, the latest innovation at Pertex®, combines the sustainable origin of the recycled fabric, which consumes less energy and water for a new production cycle, with an external DWR treatment that does not contain perfluorinated compounds (PFCs).

Revolve™ consists of three layers, all made of recycled polyester:

-A lightweight outer layer that offers excellent, durable protection
-An intermediate membrane that is highly waterproof and breathable
-A lightweight inner layer

With waterproofness equal to a 20,000 mm water column and breathability of 15,000 g/m2/24h, our kit consisting of the Midi Shell Jacket and Midi Shell Pants is the perfect solution for those looking for a multiday adventure in good company, among glaciers and high mountain rifugios, respecting nature and what it offers.

2. Pertex® Shield

Pertex® Shield offers total protection from the elements, allowing you to respond to sudden changes in conditions and continue to move with agility. Pertex® Shield garments are ideal for ski mountaineers and mountaineers who move quickly and are looking for a versatile fourth layer to always carry with them on the most demanding outings.

The high performance of garments made with Pertex® Shield derives from the three-layer structure of the technology:

-An extremely lightweight outer layer that offers maximum protection from snow, wind, and rain

-An intermediate membrane in polyurethane that is highly waterproof and breathable

-A loose-knit inner layer


The kit consisting of the Valsesia Shell Jacket and Valsesia Shell Pants features a 20,000 mm water column and breathability of 20,000 g/m2/24h. It is the lightest (665 g) and most protective ski mountaineering kit in our collection, an invaluable support on your fastest and highest-performance one-day outings.

3. Pertex® Quantum

Pertex® Quantum fabrics are the result of Pertex®’s more than 35 years of research and experience in weaving extremely fine materials and set the market standard for thermal jackets with an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio.

Pertex® Quantum is based on a structure as simple as it is versatile:

-A single layer that traps air inside and keeps the thermal power of down or synthetic insulation constant. The tight weave eliminates the need for baffle box construction for down containment, further reducing the weight of the garment.


The result is a family of jackets, including the iconic Focobon Jacket and Alagna Down Jacket, that are extremely lightweight, compactible, and abrasion resistant. On your mountaineering outings and explorations, you’ll enjoy cozy warmth without feeling the presence of the jacket.


We’ve seen how, based on their construction, our jackets made with Pertex® technology are suitable for various situations.

The Midi kit in Pertex® Shield Revolve™, which is made entirely of recycled polyester and is PFC-free, is ideal for skimo touring outings.

The Valsesia kit in Pertex® Shield is the most compactible and protective option for the most demanding outings, where you need to move lightly and with agility. Finally, the large family of thermal jackets in Pertex® Quantum are perfect for mountaineering approaches or winter excursions where greater insulation is needed.


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